Internal Affairs

  • Current student who wishes to transfer must follow the following:
    Transfer while in class (Continuing student) will result in credit of registration, tuition, admin, CPR and CEUs. (Lab fees, scrubs, books, insurance are not transferable).
    For PCT: Student must inform the office within 5 days after starting classes to upgrade to the PCT program to receive full credit, otherwise, full prices will be charged.

  • Returning student within 12 months will receive credit of tuition fee only

  • Returning student after 12 months will only receive 50% of registration fee only

  • Transfer to or from another school- please see below.
    Paid in full discount is not allowed for transferring students.

Transferring to another School

  • A clock hour transfer to another school is not guaranteed by SWVT. If a student is interested in transferring to another school, please speak with the Admissions Office for clarification prior to enrollment. 

  • Each school has the right to accept or refuse such clock hours earned at this institution. It is the responsibility of the student to confirm whether clock hours will be accepted.  

Transferring from another School

  • Work experience or continuing education units are not accepted as academic credits. Students with previous training from a licensed/accredited school may be eligible to receive credit for previous courses.

Students must provide

  • An official copy of the student’s transcript with curriculum completed within 12 months with a grade of “C” or higher.

  • Proof of certificate with curriculum.

  • A copy of course description.

  • Students must take a proficiency examination and demonstrate competencies of practical skills for healthcare programs.  A $25 testing fee will be charged for each examination, if required. Examination will be administered by the admission office.

  • If previous credits are accepted, credit will be given for those courses or similar courses, and the student will be scheduled to take only remaining courses needed to fulfill the requirements for graduation. The final decision to accept such credits rest in the hands of the Director of the school.